Hi! new GetHelper Buyers this is only for your security and satisfaction so read be carefully, thanks.

This content write by GetHelper owner (Seller Complaint) "If our buyers not satisfy with our sellers and they want revisions  from sellers but the seller don't help him so they have right to complaint about the seller which don't help him. For complain you have to need order Id and seller Id.First thing in your mind Where will you get the order Id and seller Id? So don't worry you get all this info into your Email account which you provide to order us, after placing order you get this info. Next thing in your mind that where I'll complain about the seller? You can complain on this mail (support@gethelper.info) also this one (info@gethelper.info)

(Support Complaint)But the next thing which is most important for you that if the Get Helper support don't help you within 5 business days so you have right to direct contact with Get Helper owner, contact owner with your name and Email which you provide to order. you can contact with owner at  (ceo@gethelper.info)".

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info@gethelper.info (Support)