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Hi! welcome to Get Helper. In this video we are going to show you how to place your order on Get Helper, and also we show you which payment method they allow to pay. Go to Get Helper and select service which you want. Now click on 'Order Now' button and they redirect you to payment form. Fill all the information which they want, and select the service which you want, and then press the next button. Here are all the get helper payment methods information, I select AirTM. Just copy the AirTM Email ID and go to AirTM.  You have a AirTM account just login if you don't have an account signup on AirTM. Now go to send/request option. First paste the Email ID which you copy from Get Helper, fill the amount which you want to sent , and also write a small note and press the send button. After confirm your payment from peer, you can see your transaction ID, copy from here and go back to order form, here are two other options which you can use for payments. But I'm going with AirTM, Press the next button. You are redirected to payment confirmation form. Select your payment method which you used to paid. Fill your amount in USD which you paid. Now here you need to put your Transaction ID. which you copy from AirTM, and the last step you need to click the submit button.

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